Campus life

At the heart of the new Paris-Saclay district, CentraleSupélec offers on-campus residential facilities, dining opportunities, sports facilities, recreational areas, as well as 150 clubs and societies that play an important role in the overall experience.

Living on campus

Looking for on-campus housing? Césal has been providing student accommodation on campus for 45 years. Its 6 residence halls comprise 2,000 rooms within walking distance from the classrooms and labs.


Room sizes range from the standard 14sqm single room with shared bathroom to the 7-room shared apartment, by way of the 20sqm studio with private bathroom and kitchen. 

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Living on campus

Looking for on-campus housing? Césal is your best option to live closest to the School. For 45 years, Césal has been accommodating Supélec students, now CentraleSupélec. You can live in one of the 1,800 rooms spread across 5 residences. There will shortly be a sixth building to complete the complex.
There are several room options to choose from, ranging from the regular 14sqm single room with shared bathroom to the 7-room shared apartment by way of the 20sqm studio with private bathroom and kitchen.


Within the CentraleSupélec campus, students can choose between the quick lunch option at one of the two cafeterias that offer various take-away options — sandwiches, salads, pasta-boxes, as well as coffee/tea and pastries — and the fuller fares offered by the two university restaurants, which provide full meals at very inexpensive student prices, both at lunchtime and dinnertime. Food trucks bring hamburgers and other world food options to campus every day, and the “Lieu de Vie”, a few minutes’ walk away, also offers lunch and dinner meals for students.

The rapid urbanization of the area will soon bring more options to campus —a pizzeria, a French restaurant, and several cafés are in the works and should soon complete the dining offer.

Check out dining options on campus, operated by CROUS.

Sports on campus

CentraleSupélec is equipped with its own gymnasium, climbing wall, fitness centre, and Dojo. Students can take their pick from among the 25+ sports activities offered, that include rowing, badminton, basketball, cheerleading, soccer, boxing, fencing, swimming, rugby, tennis, salsa dancing, and much more. The Sports Office and student clubs in each sports activity help students choose and register.

More information on sports at CentraleSupélec (in French)

Practicing sports

CentraleSupélec is lucky enough to have its own gymnasium, complete with a climbing wall, a fitness center and a Dojo. You can pick your favourite among more than 25 sporting activities! You can do rowing, badminton, basketball, cheerleading, soccer, boxing, fencing, swimming, rugby, tennis, salsa at CentraleSupélec, and this is just a selection! The Sports Office, together with student clubs for each activity, are there to help you choose and register for your favourite sport.

Student clubs and societies

The CentraleSupélec campus hosts over 150 student clubs and societies, many of which are actively involved in social and humanitarian work.

The Bureau De l’International, a.k.a. “BDI”, brings together international and local students interested in exchanging and promoting exchanges across national groups. The BDI organizes orientation weeks at the start of each semester, as well as various dance classes, cultural workshops, parties, etc. throughout the year. Its various “national clubs” that gather students from a specific country or region of the globe also give French students a sense of their cultures and provide them a “stay-at-home” travel experience through dinners and conversation sessions, as well as language classes and workshops.  Those interested in pushing the travel experience further can take advantage of the visits organized by the students to their native lands.

Student clubs
and societies

CentraleSupélec students are very active on the social and humanitarian scenes. More than 150 clubs and societies coexist on campus, ranging from arts to sports, from humanitarian associations to Freshers’ week organization.
Among them, the “BDI”, which stands for Bureau de l’International, mixes international students keen to settle into their new environment and make new friends, and local students interested in studying abroad or simply discovering new cultures. They organise welcome weeks at the start of each semester, dance classes, cultural workshops, parties, and much more. Various “national clubs” also give local students a travel experience, without moving from CentraleSupélec. They hold dinners, conversation sessions, and give language courses and workshops. Students also organize trips to their native countries for those willing to learn more about their culture.
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Many other student organizations are active on campus — among which the “BDE” (Bureau des Étudiants), which organizes parties and activities for students; the Association des Résidents, which helps with matters relating to life on campus; Le Musée, which is the local student bar; the poker club; the campus radio station; the junior company that acts as a consulting firm; the debating society; and the five humanitarian organizations intervening in five countries (Peru, Cambodia, Burkina Faso, Madagascar and Nepal); the environmental protection club; the LGBTQ+ association; the tutoring club for high school students in underprivileged areas; the various music, dance and arts clubs; the religious groups; the cooking and wine tasting workshops. The list is long, and those who do not find a club to their liking can always start a new club of their own!

In addition, the 28 sports sections guide students through the sports facilities and activities on campus and organise ski trips and sailing regattas.

Finally, one of our buildings is home to a fully equipped theatre stage,which allows the CentraleSupélec theatre troupe, “Gueule des Bois”, to perform five times a year. You can join them to write and act in your own play!