Study programmes in English

The Spring semester curriculum in second year at CentraleSupélec (i.e. fourth year of Bachelor’s or first year of Master’s degrees, depending on your home university system) features a few tracks that are offered in English. This allows international students who could not attend classes in French to join us and acquire the rigorous training provided at one of the top schools of science and engineering in the world!

Students may choose to complete either a “semester by coursework, attending all the courses and taking part in the projects they involve, alongside all second-year students; or a research semester”, focused on a research project at one of our laboratories and under the supervision of one of our research faculty, attending only a few selected courses in direct relation to their research project.

For each of these two options, students must opt for 1 of 7 programmes or “tracks”  for the semester by coursework or 1 of 9 programmes for the semester by research.

You can choose from two different options: semester by coursework, meaning that you will study the regular courses and work on a short project with the other students; or semester by research, where you will work on a project in one of CentraleSupélec’s laboratories, supervised by a professional researcher, and take a handful of courses related to your project with the regular students.

For each of these options, you will choose from a selection of tracks. These range from Physics to Civil Engineering, by way of Electrical Engineering and Mathematics, and, of course, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.